Wet Breadcrumbs.

  Black skinned trees swayed naked in falling light, but she was unafraid. Anatole’s howl caressed her frozen ears, carried on wind like lovers breath. He’d caught her copper rich scent. She staggered through fresh powder leaving ruby wet breadcrumbs for him.. Skin bristled. Fine hairs aggitated like arthritic hands by rising cold while night […]

Lend Me Your Wings.

  Tired now. Eyes closing… Try to take some refuge, in the dark behind my eyelids… Wanda… Forgive me? Can’t look myself in these brand-new eyes; staring accusingly back at me from beyond polished glass. Thoughts of what I’ve done, what I’ve still to do… Screaming silently for what I failed so miserably to do […]

Bowels of Love (Frac_tur_ed Part Two).

‘Is it truly wrong’, Lucas asked himself. ‘I lost everything that ever meant anything to me. In the space of one week. It was savagely ripped away from me.’ He regarded himself coldly in the bathroom mirror, at the airport. It’d been a long time since he’d walked through that terminal building. ‘Terminal’ – the […]


He could watch the snow falling in Quebec City, from her blanket grey sky, all day. Fine white powder enveloped the Canadian landscape. It was the living embodiment of a picture postcard. The scene was pleasantly filtered to tolerable levels, behind the ever-present Oakley shades. It almost brought a thin smile to lips that had […]

Close Your Eyes…

‘Close your eyes.’ She whispered, in thick deliciously Japanese accented English. Juliet did as she was bid, even as she felt compelled to ask. ‘Why?’ Her answer was two-fold. Shiho’s lips gently grazing her labia, and: ‘You will feel me deeper.’ The tip of that tongue moved from shivering lips to her clit. Feeling it […]

Death Mass.

The stage was set. The death masks had been distributed to her legion of baying expectant fans. The sound check, that afternoon, had been a success. The instruments were all tuned to her specifications. All that remained was for her to step once more into the glaring spotlight, thus proving that the ‘show must go […]