All that you need is inside, right? I’m not a man shaped vessel For you all to dip into Like kids raiding a cookie jar Except my jar is full of plasma not sweet confections Blood crave-ing Fortifying, hot coppery crimson mess smeared on your hands, your faces, your cunts Used to make yourself […]

Breathe Again.

I’ve met these gentlemen from Northern Ireland and heard them play live. The brothers Fitzsimons, Matt and Chris, are lovely lads. Hope to see them back in Newcastle soon. That they don’t have a record deal, yet – is frankly a fucking crime. They’ve certainly helped me breathe again, tonight.

Back To The Start.

The purity of alcohol soaked veins puts one in touch with one’s truth. So here’s some more of my own: The more we care, the more we’re made to suffer. I’m alone, where it counts. Alone. My life is an exercise in watching my best efforts converted to excrement . I’m used to it, yet […]

Don’t, Ever Again…

I never wanted the responsibility. I had the duties of a parent thrust upon me by virtue of acquiring a partner with near uncontrollable brats, yes brats, by a waste of semen. The morbidly obese self-obsessed, beady-eyed shifty paedophile looking motherfucker the dumb bitch chose to have offspring by – TWICE, trumps me no matter […]