Reblog – (Sc)avenger from Malicia Malebolge.

second-hand girl, how brave she must be to face her enemies hands bound behind her back a rusty lantern levitating before her setting her eyes ablaze. don’t let the halo fool you. She’s no martyr nor saint She’s not heaven sent or divinely gifted. she will not knock on your door and ask your permission […] […]

Poison Girl.

His heart ached. He’d not seen the girl from the Equator Cafe for almost two months. He’d been back there several times on the graveyard shift. She was never on. Then again, neither was the other girl. A serving droid worked the counter in their place. Cutbacks, perhaps? The droid was polite enough, but it […]


Dragging himself to the shoreline at midnight, he labored to turn his sodden draped body around in the waves gently carressing the moonlit shore, glancing at the corspe he’d just made. He stood shakily upright, pausing only to admire the bedraggled state of his frockcoat, richly embroidered sleeves pouring with seawater. Sighing warily, as if […]

Humping the recently Bereaved.

So, long story short, I have coffee with my former wife, who recently lost her boyfriend when he decided to walk in front of the 16:55 high speed train to Aberdeen. She tells the deceased Sister-In-Law (her close friend) she’s meeting me, and is immediately met with the oohs and ahhs of ‘concern’ regarding the […]