The Way It is…

The world continues to open up and swallow us all. The human race is converting this Earth to hell designed and built by short-sighted business, politicians and presidents. Maybe that’s what we deserve? My mind turns to all that is, and was, true in my life, my heart… Tesla, from Sacremento California, have been one […]

Roddenberry Got It Wrong.

  I stood alongside my close friend and his Brother three days ago, while they said a last goodbye to their Father, who’d finally succumbed to a protracted battle with esophageal cancer. I wept for Daniel, the deceased. I wept for my friend Paul, and his Brother Neil, whom I’d only just met. I knew […]

What wedding?

Trying to further my pursuit of the dream. The dream to be published. Editing is a long laborious process. Even with the finish line in sight (after five weeks intensive reading and rewriting) I’m weary and bogle-eyed. Ain’t got time for no Royal wedding G, while living in a dumb ass constitutional monarchy. Where these […]

Keyboard Warrior, go fuck yourself.

It is me? Do I have one of these soft, gentle faces that invites a certain arrogant mentality to believe I’m fair game or that it’s open season for unsolicited abusive inferral? mister_militant_negro seems to think so. This thirsty slavering cockwomble was today’s wake up call, and yet another reminder of why I hate social […]


I ache eternally, for something elusive beyond my grasp or comprehension. Words are my weapons and I’m always outgunned… Today’s piteous effort another mouthful of psychic bile, charred soul regurgitation, for your displeasure …

Stillbirth. 04

Originally posted on Murder Tramp Birthday:
source ? Every time I knock on the night sky, another star detaches and falls to my feet I’m on my hands and knees, thin slivers of my dream leaving me trough my mouth spit, rinse and repeat It is hurting now mother, tragedies unbirthed make poor stories in…

Back here?

How do I always end up back here An army of one Battlin’ done Pleading to unreceptive ears Thicker heads just buried in the sand While love’s demise lies close at hand Consumed in sorrow With no time to grieve Or wallow You don’t get it, now But I’ll be one tough act to follow […]