Dreadfully. Distinct.

Officer KD6 – 3.7 Let’s begin. Resite your baseline. ‘A blood black nothingness began to spin A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within one stem. Dreadfully distinct. Against the dark A tall white fountain played.’   This pivotal scene, from the second part of my favorite film(s), has become a […]

We Have Moved!

2018 is a year I would sooner forget. It’s had more downs than ups. I’ve seen the birth of my first novel in a finished edited form, yet lost a decent job and my family. I’ve become sick of myself, my struggles with mental health and my most recent (and last) heartbreak. Therefore, gentle readers, […]


Salinized hydrogenated oxygen rivers replaced oxytocin; along with imagined happiness and whatever the chemical formula is for the black hole inside you. An ignorant malignant Narcissist and her Co-dependent liquidated, distilled into matching flasks. Tested for a semblance of humanity, the elusive element ‘soul’, with a litmus of love; the capacity to bleed… Guess which […]

Wet Breadcrumbs.

  Black skinned trees swayed naked in falling light, but she was unafraid. Anatole’s howl caressed her frozen ears, carried on wind like lovers breath. He’d caught her copper rich scent. She staggered through fresh powder leaving ruby wet breadcrumbs for him.. Skin bristled. Fine hairs aggitated like arthritic hands by rising cold while night […]

Beaton (Black & Blue).

‘Have you ever heard that love is a metaphor? A metaphor for the taste of the bottom, the fall to the floor I fall to the floor I remember me and you I remember what you did I remember being numb I remember feeling sick. For the taste of the bottom, the fall to the […]