Back here?

How do I always end up back here An army of one Battlin’ done Pleading to unreceptive ears Thicker heads just buried in the sand While love’s demise lies close at hand Consumed in sorrow With no time to grieve Or wallow You don’t get it, now But I’ll be one tough act to follow […]

Calling My Fellow Writers

As some of you, my small yet cherished audience of fellow writers, know –  I have written a novel. A pulpy little science fiction thriller named ‘Among the Dead’. I am now seeking representation for said yarn via a literary agent. Yet the singular question that plagues us all persists, like a splinter in my […]

(Time to) Do Or Die.

So, I got shitcanned from another ‘day job’ last Thursday. I’d been working in a factory on a temporary contract for the last five months. Eight hour shifts that turned into twelve hour ones, forced on me by management after a couple of weeks on the job. All that amounted to sixty hour weeks on […]

Sleep Well, Dolores.

Dolores O’Riordan, lead vocalist of 90’s Irish sensation The Cranberries, was found dead in a London hotel on Monday. She was 46. Three years older than me, (not than anyone gives a fuck about that). As yet, her cause of death is unknown, although it is known she had a troubled history of mental illness. […]

Lend Me Your Wings.

  Tired now. Eyes closing… Try to take some refuge, in the dark behind my eyelids… Wanda… Forgive me? Can’t look myself in these brand-new eyes; staring accusingly back at me from beyond polished glass. Thoughts of what I’ve done, what I’ve still to do… Screaming silently for what I failed so miserably to do […]