Sleep Well, Dolores.

Dolores O’Riordan, lead vocalist of 90’s Irish sensation The Cranberries, was found dead in a London hotel on Monday. She was 46. Three years older than me, (not than anyone gives a fuck about that). As yet, her cause of death is unknown, although it is known she had a troubled history of mental illness. […]

Lend Me Your Wings.

  Tired now. Eyes closing… Try to take some refuge, in the dark behind my eyelids… Wanda… Forgive me? Can’t look myself in these brand-new eyes; staring accusingly back at me from beyond polished glass. Thoughts of what I’ve done, what I’ve still to do… Screaming silently for what I failed so miserably to do […]

True Nature.

  Anastacia lay in the snow, awaiting the change that would prevent hypothermia from claiming her double life. Through the Russian Winter air, frozen in gathering night, Anadyr’s lights glimmered in the periphery of her vision.  She found herself remembering the night she realised he’d impregnated her with Lupine seed. She’d always felt as though […]

Soulmates Never Die.

  I want to see her body.’ It wasn’t a request. More of a statement. Solange hadn’t bothered to wait until Lazzar dismissed his posse, as was her custom. Usually, whenever she entered The Shambler King’s office, with a stricken expression, he immediately asked for the room. These instances were rare, which is why they […]

Death Day.

It’s your Death Day, my long departed Brother. Michael. My Best Friend, lost forever. The person who was there for me – often in spite of me – always, as a sounding board and a moral compass. My other half, better side, whatever you want to call it… I’ve almost forgotten what it was like […]